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Use BUZZ to submit your STEAM entries. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers.

Log in to the NEW Buzz 2.0 and choose student

Viewing your grade details in Buzz (the link will open a short video explaining how to view your grade details)


STEAM is part of each student’s senior project portfolio. Students must meet the requirements for each of the STEAM reflections for each semester that they are enrolled at SFHS . Since the senior project portfolio is required for graduation, every student must make sure they have all of their STEAM reflections completed for every semester. Students must also complete a senior oral presentation by the end of grade 12. The oral presentation must include a written report.There is a presentation rubric with more information. These submissions are to reflect and highlight a student’s learning from the areas of Science (Social and Physical), Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Additional requirements for the senior project portfolio are at the discretion of the Local Education Agency.

STEAM is a graduation requirement because it is part of the senior project portfolio.

More information about STEAM

This is an overview PowerPoint
This is a PDF of the overview PowerPoint Presentation

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Pay close attention to the evidence slides as evidence used in the past will not be accepted this year (for example: selfie with final product only) evidence must prove you participated and/or learned something. Any kind of performance must be supported with a 30 sec. video or sound recording.  If you have questions please ask.  

Creating your folder structure in Google Drive and creating and sharing a folder in Google Drive.

Questions about evidence

STEAM Submission Dates and Updates

STEAM Evidence and High Quality Reflections' Tips

Click the screencast image below for help setting up Google Drive Folders. Coming Soon!!

Printable STEAM submission instructions

Turnitin--after you have received 100% on a steam reflection, read and follow the instructions for the Turnitin assignment in BUZZ.

STEAM rubrics: These are Google Documents. You can Print them from Google Drive or download them as PDF files and print them. (To download as a PDF file: Click on the File Menu--Download As--and then choose PDF Document)

You can also copy them to your Drive so that you can type on them by:Clicking on the File Menu--and them choosing Make A Copy --you can then move the copy to a folder

The rubrics have been updated to better meet student needs. Review them carefully.

STEAM Rubrics
STEAM RUBRICS 17-18 ONLY STEAM RUBRICS-OLD-Use for all Previous Years' Work

17-18 STEAM Information, dates, and rubrics
(This is a single document)


Not in a science class this semester? Here are some questions you can use to meet the requirement for Physical Science.

Converting files to Mp4 format

You can only access one Google Drive account at a time in a single browser. Help for accessing Google Drive