Directed by Matt Bennett
Room: 408

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Gold Sponsors:

Drs. Tonjes, Brizzee and Orme 624-3757
Bert Flamm Mortuary 624-7351
Chesbro Music Co. 359-1900
Rj's Exxon & Les Schwab 624-3747
Upper Valley CPA 624-2225

Silver Sponsors:

Sassy Floral 624-4414
Covering the Basics 351-3459
Danny's Point Service 624-8473
Dusty's Pit Stop 624-7323
ProGrow Consulting 208-970-4842

Bronze Sponsors:

Broulims 624-3158
Chandler Insurance 624-3721
Big J's 624-3969
Crissy's Chicken 419-3753


to the Ann Bauer Cup Scholarship Winners



Byton Kaufman 1st (piano solo) $5000

Kayla Kid 2nd (vocal) $2500

Natalie Chelson (flute solo) $2500


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