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More information about STEAM

STEAM Submission Dates and Updates
STEAM Evidence and High Quality Reflections' Tips
STEAM Question Ideas For Students
STEAM Seven Semester Reward Plan
STEAM Using Buzz for STEAM to view grades (video)

STEAM Information, dates, and rubrics (This is a single document)

STEAM writing guides for classroom writing. If you are using one of the writing guides, it is important yo note that they are not necessarily up to date for this year. They may not match the rubric exactly. For the most part, all of the components are there, however, they are not as specific as the rubric and they may not follow the order of the rubric. Students are scored according to the rubric. If you want to use a writing guide in your classroom, please either make your own or make sure students understand that it is only a guide to help them gather their thoughts. They should write their reflections based on the rubric, and follow the order listed on the rubric.

Assigned STEAM Areas for Teachers - You are being asked to add a Senior Project Portfolio Building score (100 points) to each semester's grade.

STEAM rubrics

Social Sciences Rubric
Physical Sciences Rubric
Technology Rubric
Enginneering Rubric
Arts Rubric
Math Rubric

STEAM Scorers Rubric Feedback

Social Sciences Rubric Feedback
Physical Sciences Rubric Feedback
Technology Rubric Feedback
Engineering Rubric Feedback
Arts Rubuic Feedback
Math Rubric Feedback
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