First Day of School

Welcome back students!

August 22 is the first day of school.

College & Career Ready Night

August 22, 6:00 PM, Little Theater

Come and learn about graduation requirements, how to earn college credits while still in high school, and the availability of $4000 for your student to use to achieve his or her educational goals. 

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STEAM Changes for Next Year

STEAM is a graduation requirement because it is part of the senior project portfolio. The portfolio showcases student learning for each semester of their high school career. The reflections in each area highlight what students have learned and afford students the opportunity to practice their writing skills. It is through this type of continual practice that writing is improved.

STEAM senior portfolio changes are coming next year. Buzz will be open for submission for all areas and all years starting on Tuesday, May 29th. It will remain open until June 30th. It will then be closed for the summer.

Next year, there will be two opportunities to turn in STEAM senior portfolios reflections from previous school years. It will be open for two days in the fall and two days in the spring.

The following changes are taking place because students are developing habits of procrastination which will be detrimental in college and the workforce. We want you to be prepared and successful once you leave us.

During each semester, there will be two opportunities to submit current semester STEAM portfolio entries. This means for first semester, you will have two submission days for first semester. For second semester, you will have two submission days for second semester. During each June, you will be able to submit STEAM for all semesters and all years. These days will take place after that semester’s STEAM camp, early in the semester.

Teachers, we know that your students are learning new things all the time. It will be important that you keep a list, on a poster or on the board in your room, that includes the new learning that students can reflect on for STEAM senior portfolios.

Students, it is your responsibility to have reflection drafts and evidence for each area prior to STEAM camp day each semester. It is important for you to be in school and work on your reflection when you are given time in class.

As a reminder Students, it has come to our attention that some of you may not understand the portfolio concept. A portfolio is a collection of reflections about each year of your leaning. Some of you may be writing/saving reflections from this year to submit for next year. While this seems like a good idea, you run the risk of having to re-do them. You must write your STEAM portfolio reflections about your learning for the current year; therefore, anything you have learned this year cannot be used for next year.

Please use the extra time at the end of the school year and during June to get caught up if you are behind. It is easier to write about what you have learned if you do it right away.

If you need files or evidence for your writing, remember to get those files gathered up and uploaded to your Google Drive before you leave for summer. Your U:drives and all content will be deleted. It is also a good idea to back up your files from your Google Drive.

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